Local dive shop, Sink or Swim Scuba, owner and instructor Trent Bell


Instructor, Owner
Nickname: ‘T’
Favourite local dive site: Madrona
Favourite place to dive: Underwater
Favourite critter: Sea lions
Favourite piece of dive gear: My stage bottle
What I love most about diving: The calmness and silence

About Trent

Started diving when he was 12 and immediately felt right at home. His very first ocean dives were Ogden Point and Race Rocks in Victoria, BC. Scuba diving is a calming experience for him. For Trent, having the right instructor, gear, skills, and a strong dive partner allows divers to not only enjoy their time, but to do so safely. Wreck, Deep, Night, and Drift diving are some of his favorites.
He is a PADI Instructor, and enjoys seeing people experience diving for the first time along with helping them hone their skills to become proficient divers.
He looks forward to planning more trips around the island, and abroad.

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