Nickname: Major Tom, Mr. T., Hey you
Favourite local dive site: Oak Leaf at night
Favourite critter: Stubby squid, Grunt sculpins, lumpsuckers
Favourite piece of dive gear: My recently purchased heated vest, second fav my reg and 120 tank
What I love most about diving: The escape from above the water line to below, the ability to just relax and enjoy a different world. There is always something to see.

About Tom

Right from Tom’s first breath underwater he was hooked, fascinated, curious and very relaxed – there is nothing else like experiencing the underwater world. Tom certified on Vancouver Island in 1986, and has continued to advance his certifications and skills becoming a PADI Divemaster in 2017. He is working towards becoming a PADI Instructor. Tom enjoys sharing his dive adventures with others, either assisting a newly certified diver, guiding tourists on our local shore dives or sharing his amateur videos with friends and family. Tom believes it’s important to continue to learn and keep your skills fresh which creates great dive buddies and ensures awesome, safe dives.

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