Why Dive With Us?

Nanaimo & Vancouver Island are home to some of the best cold water diving in the world. Once you dive here, it’s easy to see why.

British Columbia has been voted: best overall destination for diving, best marine life, healthiest marine life, best macro…the list goes on.

Our backyard has some great diving!

About Sink or Swim Scuba

We are proud to be a PADI Five Star Dive Center, symbolizing our dedication to providing a wide range of PADI scuba courses, top-quality gear, and immersive underwater adventures while championing aquatic conservation.

As your trusted partners, we excel in delivering exceptional services, maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, and promoting the joys of scuba diving, snorkeling, and dive travel. 

Beyond diving, we actively engage in our local community, prioritize customer satisfaction, and create memorable dive experiences. Join us, your local dive shop, in exploring and preserving underwater wonders for future generations.

Meet our leader, trent!

Trent takes immense joy in introducing newcomers to the enchanting world beneath the waves and helping seasoned divers refine their skills. He’s not just a local dive shop owner; he’s a diving enthusiast committed to spreading the love for this incredible sport.

His vision is clear – to foster inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that as many people as possible can discover the wonders of scuba diving.

With boundless enthusiasm and an unwavering spirit of adventure, Trent is always ready to explore new horizons and guide others toward becoming the future stewards of our precious oceans.


The Sink or Swim Team

Our seasoned diving experts are more than just guides; they’re storytellers, educators, and custodians of the ocean. With an intimate knowledge of local dive sites and marine life, they’ll lead you on expeditions that unveil the hidden narratives of the underwater world.

Prepare to be enchanted by tales of shipwrecks, encounters with the enigmatic and otherworldly Giant Pacific Octopus, the various surreal and whimsical Nudibranchs, and the delicate balance of the aquatic ecosystem.

Please scroll, click and read their profiles to learn more about our amazing team members.

Sink or Swim Scuba was absolutely amazing! Their customer service is unmatched and their prices are great! We wouldn't have been able to finish our dive trip without their flexibility. I can't say enough good things about them!
If you're in the Nanaimo area and have diving needs, check these guys out!